Extend HDMI, network, control, and USB signals long distances over a single CAT5e/6. Our Full Buffer Technology™ guarantees ease of integration and reliability.
SMART 4K 18G Extenders
4K 18G Smart Extender Kit. Includes KD-PS22UTx and KD-X100MRx. Extends HDMI, USB 2.0 KVM, LAN, IR, RS-232 up to 328ft (100m). Features 2x1 Switcher, Mirrored Output, ARC of HDMI or Optical Audio, Audio De-Embed, Power over CAT, CEC Display Control. IP Controllable, KD-App Ready, KDMS™ Pro Ready.
4K 18G 444 60Hz HDMI Extenders
4K 18G HDMI over 70m (230ft) CAT5e/6 Extender Set with Power over CAT, HDMI Pass Thru, IR, RS-232
4K 18G HDMI over 50m CAT5e/6 Extender Set with HDR, Power over Cat, IR or RS-232
4K UHDoTP with HDR HDMI Extender Tx + Rx Kit. Extends 4K 18G to 35m (115ft), 1080p to 50m (164ft). 4K to 1080p Down Convert, HDMI Pass Thru, Power over CAT, 2 Way IR, Handshake Control, Forced HPD
4K 18G UHDoTP 35m Rx with Power over Cat, Two-Way IR, Forced Hot Plug Detection
4K/18G HDBaseT POH Extenders (Includes KIT Tx/Rx 4K/40meters 1080P/70meters)
4K 18G HDBT PoH Wall Plate Switchers / Extender Transmitters
4x1 4K/18G 100m HDBT PoH Wall Plate Switcher with 2xHDMI, DP, USB-C, USB 2.0 KVM, LAN, Audio De-Embed, IR, RS-232, IP Control, CEC Manager (Tx Only)
2x1 4K/18G 40m HDBT PoH Wall Plate Switcher with HDMI & DisplayPort, IR, RS-232 (Tx Only)
2x1 4K/18G 40m HDBaseT PoH Dual-Gang Wall Plate Switcher with HDMI & VGA, IR, RS-232. Transmitter Only.
Single Gang HDMI USB-C over 50m CAT5e/6 Wall Plate Switcher Transmitter. 4K/UHD, 18G, Power over CAT, Auto Switching.
4K 18G HDBT PoH Receivers
4K/18G HDBaseT Rx (100m) with USB 2.0 KVM, LAN, ARC, L/R Audio In, L/R Audio Output De-Embed, IR, RS-232 (Receiver Only)
4K/18G HDBT Rx (40m) with L/R Audio De-Embed, IR, RS-232 (Rx Only)