All of the Key Digital products feature our proprietary technologies:

FBT™ (Full Buffer Technology)

  • Multiple output mode is supported by a dynamic realignment in clocking that may appear as a short blink when multiple displays/outputs select a single source/input. This dynamic re-clocking improves video quality on all displays and does not affect switcher performance during non-switching operation.

LBT™ (Light Buffer Technology)

  • Uninterrupted switching and viewing of any source/input with any display/output is achieved through Key Digital fully buffered matrix technology regardless of multiple output viewing relation.

EDID Control™ (Extended Display ID Data Control)

  • Key Digital's EDID Control™ technology is capable of reading and modifying display EDID in order to achieve user desirable display of video and audio.

HD Path™

  • HDMI® transmission technology for a pure signal path eliminating EDID interference.
  • HDMI switching technology which is transparent to the source from input to output.


  • OPEN EYE™ performance is verified on each individual cable through vigorous quality control standards. Real-Time HDMI® signal "Eye" clean-up technology.
  • Built-in into all of Key Digital HDMI products.

Smart Baluns™

  • Family of CAT5/6 Baluns capable of extending Digital Video and Audio, IR, RS-232 and other signals over CAT5/6 wire.
  • Enables bi-directional passing of the control signals such as IR and RS-232.

Clear Matrix Pro®

  • Cutting edge scaling algorithm built into our Digital Video Processors
  • Clear Matrix Pro® de-interlaces incoming video, and converts incoming 480i or 1080i to 1080p as an intermediate format before conversion to display's native resolution.
  • Extends the performance of Key Digital digital video processors by analyzing the signal at twelve different points spatially and three points temporally in the visual quadrant field.

SDS™ (Super Digital Scaling)

  • All-digital scaling.
  • Takes the video image from 1080p to the native resolution of the display, with no artifacts.

LHBC™ (Linear High Brandwidth Circut)

  • To achieve the highest-quality image, all Key Digital products feature LHBC™, which uses only ultra-linear components with an extremely wide bandwidth in excess of 300 MHz.
  • These high-bandwidth devices, along with the aerospace designed layouts, assure the user a high quality video image free of noise and distortion.
  • Our quality standards require over three-times the bandwidth commonly used for HDTV products.

DPE™ (Digital Picture Enhancement)

  • Advanced algorithm that adjusts both positive and negative gamma, for a significant improvement in the video image and enhanced black level.
  • While most digital video processors only adjust to positive gamma, Key Digital features DPE in our digital video processors to provide adjustment in negative gamma.

DSX™ (Super Digital Scaling)

  • A unique algorithm that controls which portion of the video image is dynamically stretched, particularly useful to fill your widescreen 16:9 display when viewing 4:3 images and prevent Plasma screen burn.
  • Most conventional processors only stretch the center or far edge of the image, but Key Digital DSX system gives the user the utmost in flexibility in determining the best possible stretch position.

DEE™ (Digital Edge Enhancement)

  • Key Digital's unique edge enhancement provides a sharper image, resulting in a viewing experience far superior to conventional sharpness controls.
  • DEE technology processes the video signal in both the horizontal and vertical directions, resulting in smooth, vibrant, color-saturated images that are truly film-like in quality.

HOVO™ (Horizontal Offset Vertical Offset)

  • Developed by Key Digital to satisfy the stringent DVI and HDMI requirements for correct synchronization of the video signal to the display.
  • Key Digital's HOVO™ circuit is a powerful syncing design that corrects the syncing on these newer standards and allows for repositioning of these signals to correctly match them to the display.

DVIC™ (Digital Video Internal Clock Exchange)

  • Key Digital's powerful DVIC™ system regenerates the high frequency digital processing clock to provide superior performance in 1080i to 1080p conversion.
  • This regeneration maximizes the video performance for displaying signals in the true HDTV 1080p format.

DVPC™ (Digital Video Phase Controller)

  • Key Digital's DVPC™ circuit provides seven individual settings for properly adjusting the phase of the digital processing clock with respect to the video data.
  • Accurate phase adjustments of the digital processing clocks are required to provide the absolute best picture quality.


  • Key Digital's D1000™ and LHBC™ technologies combine to effectively triple the length of cable that can be used in distributing video signals.
  • The D1000™ circuit is engineered to drive cable lengths up to 1,000 feet

iAS™ (Intelligent Auto Sense)

  • Key Digital's Auto Sensing Circuit automatically senses the active video source and drives it to the display.
  • The novel IAS circuit built into our HDMI Switchers and Distribution Amlifiers performs seamless switching of your video signals, delivering crystal-clear images without signal degradation.

LSDC™ (Lip Sync Delay Compensation)

  • Digital video processing circuits typically delay the video by several frames, and without correction the audio and video are typically not aligned, resulting in a very noticeable and annoying lip-sync error.
  • Key Digital's LSDC circuitry lets the user correct for the video delay, with a wide degree of correction of 0 - 10 frames, which is enough delay to bring your video and audio back into perfect lip sync alignment.

MBDC™ (Micro Balance Dielectric Cable)

  • MBDC™, the unique balance of silver, copper and polyethylene materials, allows the digital video imaging information to transfer without signal degradation.
  • All Key Digital cables feature MBDC's unique combination of materials that are terminated with the highest possible integrity, as poor termination will degrade signal performance.

Surface Mount Technology™ and Multi-Layer Board Technology™

  • Circuit boards used in Key Digital products use the very latest in materials and design, including surface mount technology, to yield the best possible performance and reliability.
  • Every Key Digital product delivers the best possible video image because our Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) are designed by aerospace engineers who are extremely sophisticated at implementing extremely wideband, low-noise circuits that communicate video signals over long distances without degradation in signal quality.
  • All Key Digital circuits are impedance-matched by the careful positioning of components and placement of ground planes, assuring you that our products have a high degree of compatibility with virtually any and all video displays currently available.

AVE™ (Auto Video Equalizer)

  • Performs measurements of CAT5 link frequency response and performs adaptive video response equalization for maximum video quality performance.

ASDL™ (Adaptive Smart Data Link)

  • Performs measurements of CAT5 link quality and provides bi-directional RS-232, IR, and data connectivity.

CAAC™ (CAT5-to-Analog and Analog-to-CAT5)

  • Proprietary video analog bandwidth equalization technology enabling transparent video and audio conversion to and from coaxial and CAT5/CAT6.

CHHC™ (CAT5-toHDMI and HDMI-to-CAT5)

  • Proprietary digital signal transcoding technology for accelerated video and audio conversion to and from HDMI/DVI and CAT5/6.