Key Digital’s AV over IP Solutions create expandable AV over IP systems that can be scaled to fit any commercial installation.

Key Digital's AV over IP systems utilize managed gigabit network switches to enable video wall management, video/audio distribution, matrix switching, extension, and more. AV over IP systems offer great flexibility to pro AV system integrators and provide a system that can be applied in a variety of uses and markets. Our AV over IP systems are infinitely scalable and can be easily installed in currently existing network structures.

Our systems can be utilized in large enterprise installations to mid-to-large-size residential projects. Key Digital's AV over IP systems can distribute control signals in addition to video and audio to create fully integrated and controllable networked systems.

All Key Digital AV over IP Systems Now Ship Pre-Configured! 
Take your IT infrastructure out of the box. Our pre-configuration and setup service is now included: 
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1. System Design and BOM

Complete the System Design Questionnaire and receive your optional System Design diagram with a Key Digital Bill of Materials based on your customer’s system requirements.

System Design Questionnaire

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2. Pre-Configuration

Pre-configuration of all Encoders and Decoders according to your specifications. Complete our AVoIP Configuration Questionnaire and submit it with P.O. to the Key Digital Distributor/Sales Rep.

AVoIP Configuration Questionnaire

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3. Shelf Mounting

Mounting of desired units using locking washers on KD-SMS16 rack shelving system for a clean and installer-friendly experience.

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4. System Verification

In-depth system verification in Key Digital’s lab, including matrix switching, video wall functionality, and system control.

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5. Network Switch Configuration

Verify Your Network Switch Compatibility and (optional) ship your network switch for configuration to Key Digital HQ, Attn: AVoIP Network Switch for Configuration.

Key Digital Verified Network Switches

System Flexibility & Scalability

Key Digital AV over IP systems offer an unparalleled feature set enabling a variety of system applications: 4K encoders and decoders designed with video wall builder, KVM, and simple expansion method beyond 48 port network switches; support up to 10 vertical and 10 horizontal displays for an impressive maximum of a 100-panel video wall. Explore AVoIP usage modes for system examples:

4K AV over IP Solutions
1080p AV over IP Solutions
Customer System Showcase

The success of Key Digital over IP systems lies in the success of our customers and their installations. We're proud to showcase the latest systems:


21x100 AV over IP System for a large casino project

  • Fully controllable via Compass Control® Pro & Key Digital KD-MC1000
  • Thanks to Iconic Solutions Group and Tony Wichterman

14x56 AV over IP System for a large restaurant

  • Fully integrated iOS-based control system
  • Integrated and controlled with Key Digital App - KD-APP
  • Already a second install for this restaurant group!
  • Thanks to Donnie McVicker

30x18 AV over IP System for a Large Digital Signage Airport Offices

  • Fully controllable via Compass Control® Pro
  • Multi-Room Applications with Video Walls
System Configuration, Control & Management

Key Digital AV over IP systems can be configured in several ways, offering integrators flexibility in how the system is built and managed, and how the end-user interacts with it.

Key Digital® Management Software Pro (KDMS™ Pro)

  • Tailored for Professional A/V Integrators
  • Build virtual matrix systems
  • Configure and manage video walls
  • Manage video and audio routing
  • Control networked Key Digital devices and displays
  • Platform: PC

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Key Digital® App for iOS

  • Access & Control Enterprise AV™ over IP systems directly with the App with full switching capabilities
  • Allows integrators and end-users to assign sources/displays
  • iOS App with Demo Mode: The demo system can be used as a customer demo and sales tool
  • Platform: iOS

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Compass Control® Pro + Compass Navigator™

  • Fully integrated iOS-based control system with customized iOS touchscreen interface
  • Create and build custom systems with Compass Navigator® PC software, allowing for remote system upgrades & troubleshooting
  • Instantly integrate third-party components from Compass Alliance™ Partners to create an entire plug-and-play system with rich-user feedback
  • Platform: Controllers - iOS; Compass Navigator™ - PC

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AV over IP Technology Partners 

Key Digital’s AV over IP system utilizes multicasting technology to broadcast streams throughout the network, and requires a network switch with IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) support in order to direct traffic of the broadcasted streams, ensuring that only the desired decoders receive the stream from the selected encoder.