KDM Monitoring System™
Staff controlling Multiple Patients With Healthcare central monitoring System
ADVANCED PATIENT CARE SOLUTION - Video & 2-Way Audio Patient Monitoring & Communication  Monitor Multiple Patients from Central Location • Reduce Harmful Staff Exposure • Stay Connected with 2-Way Patient Communication • Localized & Simple Turn-Key Solution • Requires Minimal Staff Training


  • Localized system, no internet required

  • One CAT6 wire from to each patient, <100m from network switch

  • AES secure encryption

  • Turn-key, pre-configured, plug-n-play system, minimal training required


  • 1080p PTZ Camera at each Patient bed

  • Dual monitor system

  • 4 or 16 Patient view

  • Full screen of Patient video feed with two-way communication link


  • Professional USB speaker + mic combo

  • Comm link initiated by Patient via emergency button

  • Full 2-Way link initiated by Nurse using Key Digital® Management Software™


  • Pre-programmed PC Software User Interface

  • Any PC at Nurse’s Viewing Station can control video, camera, audio, voice

  • Emergency button at each patient to notify Nurse Viewing Station

System Examples
System Example - Up to 4 patients
Key Digital Healthcare Monitoring System Up to 4 Patients
System Example - Up to 16 patients
Key Digital Healthcare Monitoring System Up to 16 Patients
Video Overview
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