Lecambio conferencing system
Integrated conferencing system for small and medium rooms from Key Digital and TOA
• Auto KD-CAMUSB PTZ camera control
• TOA’s proprietary seven microphone array - Lenubio AM-CF1 
• Soundbar with powered stereo speakers
• Single USB connectivity to host laptop or PC on Systems 3 and 4
• 1080p full HD video, 10X optical zoom
• Microphone auto beam steering to the speaker
• Good, better, and best kit options for distance and AV needs
• Touch-screen iOS control for room power and more


  • Compass Control® Pro on iPad

  • 2-way driver status from TOA microphone beam steering

  • PTZ camera preset commands are automatically called

  • Active speaker is always focused by TOA Lenubio and KD-CAMUSB

  • Soundbar LED lights indicate voice direction and distance

  • Camera & Soundbar USB is consolidated to a single connection

  • Option to integrate additional AV and room devices


  • KD-CAMUSB conferencing camera

  • 1080p resolution 

  • 10x optical zoom

  • Laptop / PC presentation locally and through any VC software

  • Multi-format AV connectivity plugin options

  • In-rack dedicated AV source options


  • High quality audio 

  • Natural conversation at a distance

  • Wall-mount installation 

  • Black or white sound bar color options

  • Built-in DSP functions 

  • Automatic echo cancellation, automatic noise reduction


  • Compass Control® Pro on iPad

  • PTZ Camera Control available via FREE KDCam PC Software

System Demo Video
System 1 / Good: ≤ 5m / 16ft USB & HDMI cable length from Display

Connect laptop USB* & HDMI to present and provide remote participants an HD 1080p professional auto-PTZ controlled view of the conference space while speaking with each other just as you would in normal conversation thanks to the integrated array mic and soundbar.

*Dual USB connectivity depicted because some PCs with Intel Core processors have reported video flicker while connected to system with a single USB. Use Kit 3 or 4 for single USB connectivity to laptop.

System 2 / Better: ≤ 50m / 164ft USB & HDMI cable length from Display