video walls
Travel & Tourism video wall controller of any sizes in Airports & Transit Hubs, Exhibit & Welcoming Centers, Museums and More
Build Video Walls of Any Size in Airports & Transit Hubs, Exhibit & Welcoming Centers, Museums and More
• Delivers wow factor and creates desired environment
• Flexible video wall layouts may be changed on the fly
• User-friendly iOS and PC control options
• Increase revenue with dynamic digital signage
• Portrait, Landscape, or Mosaic monitor mounting for creative layouts
• Greet guest in style with personalized messaging and info


  • Video Wall may be up to 16 panels wide and 16 panels high

  • 4K or 1080p video support

  • Panel flip feature for optional use with inexpensive consumer panels

  • Bezel adjustment for natural display of content

  • Uses 4K AV over IP system foundation

  • AV over IP system pre-configured by Key Digital 


  • Video wall controlled with a drag of a finger

  • Single button press perfectly orchestrates your entire system 

  • FREE iOS app for staff 


  • Audio de-embed connections for ease of integration with audio systems

  • Audio embed connections for integration with PCs, DJ booths, Aux ports, and more


  • Easy system build with one encoder per video source, one decoder per video display

  • AV over IP replaces expensive traditional video wall controllers

  • Only a single CAT6 to each video source & display

System Example
Turn-key Video Wall System with KD-App Control
Travel & Tourism video wall controller System with KD APP Controll

A turn-key video wall system using Key Digital AV over IP products. Simply run a CAT 6 cable and mount a decoder at each display to display 4K content across the entire video wall. Add encoders for more video content and display multiple content if desired. User-friendly operation is ensured by Key Digital’s free iOS app and PC software.

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