Expert System Design Services for Key Digital Dealers & Resellers

Designing a high quality, fully integrated video/audio processing, switching, distribution & control system can be a difficult and time-consuming task even for the experienced installer. We value our customers and offer system design services FREE* to our dealers and resellers.

Our professional System Design Group (SDG) has over 50 years of combined experience with virtually all types of video systems. The SDG department can provide the expertise to both choose the components and design a system that will provide the utmost in quality and functionality. Whether you need to modify a video system that is currently in place, or design a totally new system, we will work through your project and provide information, product choices, block diagrams, and pictures to make sure that all the needs of the project are met

To get started with a System Design Request:
  • Call System Design Group at 914-667-9700 or
  • Complete the System Design Questionnaire and Email to SDG Group:

*Key Digital System Design Services are ONLY Free to Authorized Key Digital Dealers, Resellers and Distributors purchasing system-specified products. Key Digital has zero-tolerance policy concerning dealers & distributors who are engaged in “bait & switch” tactics via requesting FREE system design services and then substituting with non- Key Digital products. This scenario violates Key Digital policy and agreements, and such dealers will be invoiced $1,500 for SDG service which must be paid immediately.

*Compass Control® Pro products are available to certified resellers only. Certified reseller must still hire authorized Compass Control® Pro Certified Installers & Programmers or program at their own liability. Key Digital highly recommends that all resellers use 3rd party Compass Control® Pro Certified Installers & Programmers& to program the system. Prior to purchasing Compass Control® Pro products all resellers must complete C1, C2, and C3 Compass Control® Pro Certification Trainings. Installation time may vary depending on size and complexity of the system, as well as installers training on Compass Control® Pro. Compass Control is a registered trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. Compass Navigator, and Discover The Possibilities are trademarks of Key Digital Systems Inc. iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.