Shelf mount solution for most Key Digital products

  • Shelf mount provides a clean appearance for use with non-rack mountable Key Digital products

  • Fits a variety of Key Digital products, including AV over IP Encoders and Decoders, HDMI Extenders, Slim Series HDMI Switchers, Distribution Amplifiers, and Master Controllers

  • Holds up to 12 units to prevent overheating

  • If ordered with KD AV over IP systems, Key Digital can pre-mount units upon request

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KD-SMS16 is a simple rack shelf with slot spacing that accommodates the screw holes of most Key Digital products that are non-rack-width or half rack-width. KD-SMS16 supports mounting of up to 12 units across for a clean appearance while maintaining sufficient ventilation to prolong unit lifespan and avoid overheating.


            Allows mounting of multiple units on one shelf

            Do not exceed 12 units mounted per KD-SMS16 

            Must mount with at least 1/2 inch spacing between each unit.

            Compatible Models:

            HDBaseT/HDMI Extenders: 

            • KD-X222PO

            • KD-X444S / KD-X444L

            • KD-X444SP / KD-X444LP

            • KD-EX18G

            • KD-X40MRx 

            • KD-X100MRx

            • KD-FIX22

            • KD-FIX418A

            Control Solutions:

            • KD-CX800

            • KD-MC1000

            AV over IP Systems:

            • KD-IP922ENC / KD-IP922 DEC 

            • KD-IP822ENC / KD-IP822DEC

            • KD-IP1022ENC / KD-IP1022DEC 

            • KD-IP1080Tx / KD-IP1080Rx 

            HDMI Switchers: 

            • KD-S2x1X-2 / KD-S4x1X-2

            • KD-S2x1 / KD-S2x1X

            • KD-S4x1 / KD-S4x1X

            HDMI Distribution Amplifiers:

            • KD-DA1x2DC

            • KD-DA1x2X / KD-DA1x4X

            Audio Amplifiers: 

            • KD-AMP220

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