Converts Multi-Function I/O Port to Contact Closure/Relay
Key Features
  • Compatible with: KD-MC1000, KD-MC2500 and Digital IQ Series™ Matrix Switchers
  • Multi-function 3.5mm based Compass Control® Port – MPC35™: supports the following seven features:
    • IR output
    • IR Input
    • RS232 bi-directional
    • Voltage sensor
    • Voltage trigger
    • PCM audio sensor
    • Composite Video sensor
  • Converts: Any I/O Multifunction Compass® Control Port (MPC35™) to Contact Closure/Relay when set to 12V Output Voltage Trigger Mode
  • Contact Functionality: Contact Normally Open, if 12V applied – Contact Closed.
  • 3.5mm mono input connection: Use a male-to-male 3.5mm mono cable from KD-MC1000, KD-MC2500 and Digital IQ Series™ Matrix Switchers
  • One Contact Closure/Relay Output
  • Contact Closure Maximum Rating: 250V/2A
  • Maximum Distances:
    • 3.5mm mono cable: 10 feet
    • Contact Closure/Relay Output with one twisted pair of CAT5e/6 cable: 100 feet
  • No external power required

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