Software Auto-Launch Flash Drive for KD-BYOD4K with Dual Head USB-A and USB-C Connectors
  • KDPlay Wireless Presentation System: KD-BYOD4K and KD-BYODFD work together to turn any screen into a wireless presentation space. Perfect for Conference Rooms, Huddle Spaces, Classrooms, and more. 

  • USB Auto Launcher: Plug into Windows or Mac computers to auto launch KD Play software. No installation required!

  • Quick Connect: Computer automatically joins WiFi network and connects to KD-BYOD4K unit, user only needs to press a single button to begin casting

  • Dual USB Heads: USB-A and USB-C heads accommodate a variety of device types 

  • Pairing Ease: Simply connect to any USB port on KD-BYOD4K to pair. OSD shows status during the brief pairing process

  • A-la-carte Option: One KD-BYODFD included with each KD-BYOD4K. Additional KD-BYODFD may be purchased a-la-carte

  • Aluminum Casing: Robust casing, outer swivel grip, and eye are ideal for frequent usage and tagging.

  • User Friendly: KDPlay's home screen instructs users on connection methods, with KD Play Flash being the emphasized method.

  • Smooth Video: Glitch-free AV experience due to optimizations for video content


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