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Create Appropriate Prayer & Worship Experience
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Spread the Good Word and Provide Perfect Atmosphere for Prayer

Spread the word with a Key Digital system that integrates the latest technologies with your house of worship. We provide reliable and innovative solutions that serve to highlight and draw attention to your mission.

Creating the Right Environment

Key Digital can create an active and comfortable prayer experience by enabling and improving communications in your congregation. Set the correct atmosphere for congregation members by adjusting lighting, temperature, window shades, audio, video displays, and microphone levels.

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Empowering Full Facility Control

Compass Control® Pro is a flexible and efficient way to a complete control of audio, video, lighting controls, climate, and more at your finger tips, with customized solutions are available to make your system more user-friendly than you’ve ever believed it could be.

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The latest technologies, easy to use for any parish member

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Simple, Friendly User Interface

Key Digital and Compass Control® Pro will upgrade your house of worship by installing the latest technologies, while remaining easy-to-use for any member of the parish. With a completely customizable GUI, Compass Control® Pro is a simple solution that can be tailored to suit the parish’s individual needs

Display content on any video display

Broaden your community network through the use of digital signage throughout your building. With the help of Key Digital, extend your reach by making use of our products to project and deliver high-quality, uncompressed content to your audience.


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Control everything from one device

Open-ended Compass Control® Pro architecture allows easy addition of lighting, security, A/V or HVAC into the system via pre-built modules and drivers. Consolidate all of parish control in one iOS or Android device for simple control of multiple bulding and rooms. 


Listen to Our Customers
"I’ve been using Key Digital products for about 5 years now. They’re probably the most bulletproof product that I have ever used. … Compass Control is fantastic and a great way to save money over other integrators’ control systems." 
- Eric Sidles, Tomahawk Audio Video
Full Facility Integration at Your Fingertips
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Technology that's Ready to Grow Together with Any House of Worship

Key Digital products and control solutions are built to grow together with any size congregation, offering reliable, scalable solutions and system updates. We offer solutions for either upgrading a current system or building new worship and educational facilities.


Modern Technologies at Your Disposal

Impress the parishioners and guests with cutting edge Video Walls and Digital Signage technologies like Enterprise AV™ over IP Solutions delivering signage across TCP/IP networks, all while interfacing with virtually any controllable device.

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Religious Content & Message Delivery

Manage information and video delivery across campus with ease. Whether you need to advertise your institution, or relay a message to the parishioners, Key Digital delivers brilliant, uncompressed content to your audience throughout your campus.

Key Digital Integrated Systems & Products Lines
Key Digital Integrated Systems - Open Hardware & Software Ecosystem
Key Digital® Integrated Systems deliver flexible and expandable hardware and software systems, complete with end-user control solutions and featuring latest digital video technologies that deliver high-end commercial technologies.  Compass Alliance™ Partners  allow easy integration of their products, as well as flexibility of system expansion. All under one fully integrated control system - Compass Control® Pro.
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