Whole Home - Integrated Solutions utilizing latest Modern Technologies
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Complete Whole Home AV Integration

Modern home builders and consumers expect fully integrated home solutions, from 4K video and matrix audio, HVAC, and illumination controls, to home automation and security.

Plug-n-Play Control Ecosystem

Key Digital offers fully integrated residential solutions with scalable and flexible control backbone powered by Compass Control® Pro, our fully integrated control system. Ease of future integration is delivered via pre-built modules and an ever-increasing list of Compass Alliance partners.

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Customized UI Residential Solutions to Impress Any Customer

With a completely customizable user interface, Key Digital control solutions can be tailored to match any interior design, making it a perfectly visually integrated solution that provides endless possibilities for emerging trends

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Home Theater - Elevating Viewer Experience to New Heights

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Seamless Home Theater Installations

Key Digital will transform your home theater from ordinary to extraordinary, providing your clients with a memorable experience. With a simple touch of a button, your family can easily adjust the lights, and shades, control the heating and air conditioner, and turn on the TV making them feel like they are right at the movies

Home Theater Integration

Key Digital integrates any and all of your desired sources: computers, gaming systems, cable or satellite boxes, DVD or Blu-Ray players, and even legacy sources are viewed in pristine high definition. We're also focused on solving industry-wide problems, such as HDMI integration and HDCP compliance.


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Theater Experience Distribution

Distribute brilliant, uncompressed Home Theater experience throughout the house, all from one central location, on one unified interface. All of the Key Digital hardware and software work seamlessly to power and distribute professional Video and Audio on some of the largest properties.

Listen to Our Customers
“The installation was straightforward with no real hang ups. Key Digital made it easy, fast, and seamless.”
- Ed Crick, ISV
Smart Home – Solutions designed for a tech-savvy modern consumer

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Remote monitoring and system management

Remote monitoring capability and system status monitoring allow off-site installers to proactively diagnose and fix any ongoing issues, reconfigure systems, and update and modify UI, offering convenience and ease of service for installers and consumers alike.


Cost-efficient system control

Cost-conscious consumers will benefit from cost savings enabled by integrated power management solutions with an open architecture ready to integrate a variety of legacy devices and power systems, as well as all modern power management solutions.

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Security integrated with the rest of the home, all in one interface

At Key Digital, we recognize the importance of security and offer you peace of mind through seamless integration with your video surveillance and security systems all available at a touch of a finger.

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