4K UHD AV over IP Decoder, 2 PoE ports LAN Switch, Local HDMI Switching, Audio De-Embedding, Video Wall Processing, KVM/USB

Key Digital AV over IP Solutions

    Key Digital’s AV over IP Encoders and Decoders create expandable HDMI over IP systems that can be scaled to fit any commercial installation.

    Verified/Supported Network Switches

    System Configuration PC Software - Key Digital® Management Software Pro (KDMS Pro)

    KD-IP922ENC/DEC Usage Modes


      • AV Over IP System: Utilizes a managed gigabit network switch to enable video distribution, matrix switching, and extension
      • Video Wall Processing: Encoder + Decoder systems create video walls with up to 16V and 16H monitors
      • Inter-System Compatibility: Fully compatible with KD-IP822 ENC and DEC units / systems
      • HDCP 2.2: Compliancy up to HDCP 2.2 and backward compliant
      • 4K/Ultra HD Resolution: Support for 4096x2160 or 3840x2160 24/25/30Hz at 4:4:4/8 Bit or 60Hz at 4:2:0/8 Bit (10.2Gbps max bandwidth)
      • 4K Down-Scale: Incoming 4K resolution can be down-converted to 1080p at each decoder, enabling monitors to display content at optimal resolution at all times
      • HDR (High Dynamic Range): HDR is achieved with AppleTV source at 4K/30 [4:2:2] 12bit deep color, enabling more life-like images through a greater range of luminance levels
      • Signal Extension: Up to 330 ft. / 100 m @ 4K 24/25/30(4:4:4)/60(4:2:0) into network switch or or point-to-point
      • Power over Ethernet: Does not require power supply when integrated with compatible PoE network switch
      • Dual LAN: Built-in two port switch provides network to connected device without an additional home-run cable
      • Redundant Power Supply: Added reliability for non-PoE integration
      • Audio De-Embedding: Audio from the HDMI input is de-embedded through Analog L/R Balanced/Unbalanced phoenix terminal to enable external audio connectivity with audio distribution systems and amplifiers
      • Audio Pre-Amp: Volume, muting, 3-band EQ, and lip-sync delay controllable on audio de-embed port
      • Local HDMI Input: Creates a 2x1 switch between the AVoIP feed or the local input. Ideal for presentation spaces.
      • HDMI® and HDCP Licensing: Fully licensed and compatible with HDCP 2.2 and HDMI latest technology such as 4K/UHD 4:2:0/8bit at 60 f/s
      • Control: 3 multi-function ports controllable via KeyCode open API, as Compass Control® Pro master controller, or as control extension via IP
      • EDID Control: Internal library features 15 default EDID configurations and native EDID data from Output/Display devices connected to Decoder
      • Hot Plug Detection Control: Enables integrator to choose if active signal voltage is forced to connected input devices
      • Full Buffer System: Manages TMDS re-clocking / signal re-generation, HDCP authentication with source & display, EDID Control handshake, and Hot Plug control
      • USB 2.0: Routing follows AV source / display selection with maximum of 4 USB keyboard or mouse devices simultaneously routed to a single host computer / encoder. 1.5Mbps maximum bandwidth. Webcams not supported. For non-keyboard & mouse device inquires, please contact Technical Support before purchase.
      • IR Sensor: Sensor powering via +5V IR In port collects line-of-sight IR from remote(s) without external IR connecting block
      • Up/Down IR: Two channels of IR enable control to/from devices connected to Encoder and Decoder units
      • RS-232: Bi-Directional control to/from Encoder and Decoder unit on Phoenix connector
      • RS-232/TCP-IP Control Mode: Provides control of unit as well as connectivity status
      • Lossless compressed digital audio: Support for Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos®, and DTS-HD Master Audio
      • Control System Support: Key Digital® app ready. Key Digital Management Software™ Pro (KDMS™ Pro) ready, Compass Control® Pro ready. Fully controllable by all IR, RS-232, and TCP/IP supported control systems via open API. 
      • Key Digital® App Ready: Network scan & detect populates pre-built GUI including optional image preview, finger drag video wall management, display control via IR, Local input switching, and external audio control.
      • KDMS Pro Ready: PC software for unit & system setup and control UI with clean End-User mode option including optional image preview, mouse-drag video wall management, display control via IR & PJ Link IP, Local input switching, and external audio pre-amp control.
      • Compass Control® Pro Inside: Built-in 3 port Compass Control® Pro master controller. 
        • KD-ProCL1/2/4/8 Software Activation License sold separately. Required to activate iOS controllers.
      • I2C Communication: EDID and HDCP authentication to Display and Source
      • Data Stream Bandwidth: < 900Mbps
      • Latency: <40ms at 4K. Less at lower resolution.


      • Inputs KD-IP922ENC (Each): 1 HDMI, 1 External Audio, 3 Multifunction Control (IR, Bi-Directional RS-232, Trigger), 2 TCP/IP, 1 USB B 
      • Outputs KD-IP922ENC (Each): 1 HDMI, 1 Analog Audio
      • Inputs KD-IP922DEC (Each): 1 HDMI, 3 Multifunction Control (IR, Bi-Directional RS-232, Trigger), 2 TCP/IP, 2 USBA
      • Outputs KD-IP922DEC (Each): 1 HDMI, 1 Analog Audio
      • DDC Signal (Data): 5 Volts p-p (TTL)
      • HDMI Video/Audio Signal: Input Video Signal: 1.2 Volts p-p
      • HDMI Connector: Type A, 19 Pin Female
      • Audio Connector: Balance/Unbalanced 6-Pin Phoenix, 3.5mm Stereo
      • RJ45 Connector: Shielded TCP/IP 1G/100 BaseT, PoE
      • Control Connectors: 3-Pin Phoenix 


      • Regulation: CE, RoHS, WEEE
      • Enclosure: Black Metal
      • Power: KD-PS12V1ASC, 12V/1A, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, Interchangeable head, screw-in connector
      • Product Dimensions: 6.25” x 1.1” x 3.1”
      • Packaging Dimensions: 9.8” x 4.5” x 3.35”
      • Product Weight: 0.9 lb
      • Shipping Weight: 1.5 lb
      • BTU: 30.7 per hour
      • Operating Temperature: 150° F (65.5° C)
      • Surface Temperature: 104° F (40° C) at 77° F (room temperature)
      • Power Supply model KDPS20W12VC. 2V/1.66A, 20W, desktop type.
      • USB Data Cable 6ft, A to Micro (qty 1)
      • 3-pin phoenix terminal (qty 3)
      • IR Sensor with stripped wire. Red = +5V Sensor power, Black = Ground, White = IR Signal (qty 1)
      • IR Emitter with stripped wire. Stripe = IR Signal, Solid = Ground. Model KDIRE3501F1 (qty 1)
      • L-Bracket Mount (qty 2)
      • Screws for L-Bracket (qty 4)
      • Operation User Manual (qty 1)
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