Compass Navigator™ PC Editor

Windows PC software suite for programming Compass Control Pro systems

  • Professional AV system control, integrating TCP/IP, IR, RS-232 or voltage controlled devices

  • UI may be programmed with drag and drop modular method, or completely custom method

  • Completed program files are loaded into licensed iOS devices, utilizing the iOS processing power as the brain for system

  • Works with Key Digital Master Controllers to control IR, RS-232 and voltage devices. IP control achieved directly from the iOS device to the IP controlled device.

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Compass Navigator™ programming software for Windows PCs is used to program Compass Control® Pro user interface screens which are loaded into licensed iPads or iPhones. Compass Navigator supports modular drag & drop programming and fully custom programming, ensuring Compass Control® Pro is the perfect fit for completely integrated AV systems. The software suite also includes database managers for creation of IR, RS-232, and TCP-IP commands if needed.


  • Free software download after achieving KD University Compass Control C1 certification

  • Online training videos to learn programming on demand

  • Create and manage IR, RS-232, and TCP-IP commands using the database managers

  • Download new and updated modules from the Compass Control Pro Bi-Directional Modules web page

  • Create custom modules for drag & drop integration with devices not yet provided by Key Digital

  • Modular programming method with system scenarios and contents covered in C1+ online trainings. Developed to fit 7 core applications

  • Custom programming method enables UI to be designed completely as desired

  • Many custom programs provided in the software suite download for a time-saving starting point

  • Variable support includes Boolean, Integer, Floating, String, Hex, and Checksum

  • Use variable values as parameters within command strings to reduce command construction time

  • Index and Array variables supported for time-saving advanced programming

  • Event scheduling may live in each iPad, iPhone, or KD-MC1000

  • Completed program files loaded into licensed iOS devices, iPad or iPhone

  • A unique UI may be created per iOS device if desired. Ideal for providing different acc

Additional Features

  • Sub-contract Compass Control Pro Master programmers to ensure success of initial system installs and reduce time investment