Compass Control® Pro iOS App

iOS App User Touchscreen for Custom Compass Control Pro AV System Integration Projects

  • Professional AV system control, integrating any TCP/IP, IR, RS-232 or voltage controlled devices

  • UI may be programmed with drag and drop modular method, or completely custom method

  • IP based system uses superior iOS processing power as the brain for system

  • Works with qualifying Key Digital Master Controllers to control IR or RS-232 devices. iOS controls IP devices directly.

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Compass Control® Pro App is a free Download from the App Store. Can be used as a demo tool for Compass Control® Pro, or activated with license to run custom programming project integrating AV systems and more.


  • iOS App: Download from the app store to your iPad or iPhone

  • Demo Mode: A demo UI is available for each of Compass Control's seven focus AV applications - Corporate, Digital Signage, Bar/Restaurant, Education, House of Worship, Government, and Residential

  • IP Based System: Modern control systems uses network for direct control of IP devices or IR and RS232 command execution by Master Controllers

  • iOS Brain: Compass Control Pro leverages the powerful iOS processors for programming storage, resulting in powerful and fast control

  • Comfort and Familiarity: Uses cost-effective and user-friendly iPad and iOS devices for touchscreen instead of expensive proprietary touchscreen

  • Native Control for Key Digital Systems: The native choice for controlling Key Digital AV over IP, bar & restaurant, conference room, classroom systems, and more 

  • Project Archive: Store and recall up to 12 projects in the iOS device. Ideal for installers managing multiple AV job sites

  • Eco-Mode: Dims screen to save battery, but awakens iPad with a touch of the screen

  • Guided Access: iOS feature enables iPad to lock into just the Compass Control application so users cannot go to other apps.

  • Secure project backup: Projects live in Key Digital's server for ease of retrieval if project files or computers are lost.

  • Offline Device Management: Sub-menu for viewing ad initiating communication with any offline devices

  • Built-in RTSP: Supports playback of common RTSP streams for viewing cameras and more

Additional Features


  • iOS compatible

  • iPad and iPhone support

  • Does not support iPhone 5 and older