Visual options abound at Pig Beach BBQ via Key Digital technology
2023-01-12 22:39:18
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Visual options abound at Pig Beach BBQ via Key Digital technology

Nearly two-dozen AV sources are available to nearly 50 flat-panel displays and a 260-inch outdoor videowall, managed by Key Digital® hardware under control of a single iPad running Key Digital’s Compass Control™ Pro software —


ISE, Barcelona, January 31, 2023 – Pig Beach is more than just another barbecue restaurant. The company’s newest location, in the New York City borough of Queens, in between the neighborhoods of Long Island City and Astoria, is like the city itself: it can take you to a lot of culinary places without ever having to hail a cab (or an Uber). Highlighting Italian, French, Middle Eastern, Asian, and of course American barbecue’s classic techniques and ingredients, and applying them to NYC-style pastrami, Italian-style charcuterie, Za’atar rubbed leg of lamb, Yuzu glazed smoked duck or good old Buffalo chicken wings, the focus is always on the best ingredients and thoughtful cooking. Not surprisingly, Pig Beach BBQ also chose its AV carefully, with close to 50 flat-panel displays, ranging in size from 55 and 65 inches to a 260-inch-diagonal Jumbotron in the courtyard to the 3 X 2 video wall behind the main bar. Throughout the venue’s indoor and outside areas patrons can view upwards of 20 broadcast, streaming, and cable sources for sports, or look over the restaurant’s fabulously eclectic and dynamic menus. Video might get much of the attention, but Pig Beach BBQ also has six discrete zones of audio to keep its four bars singing – lots of AV, and all of it controlled via an iPad courtesy of encoders, decoders, switchers and software from Key Digital®, an award-winning developer and manufacturer of leading-edge digital video processing and video signal distribution solutions.


“You can control each zone individually, from the outside veranda to the inside bar to the islands, all from a single iPad running Key Digital’s Compass Control™ Pro software,” says Ralph Quimby, the Owner and President of TPG-IP Communications, the Belleville, NJ-based AV systems integrator that designed and installed all of Pig Beach BBQ’s audio and video, and has completed projects all over the country from Maine to Hawaii. “DirecTV, streaming devices — everything.” TPG-IP programmed the Compass Control Pro software to exactly fit the restaurant’s AV design and to carefully limit access to that control, using password-protected security. However, once a manager’s identity is validated, that control is complete, allowing access to video and audio input sources, display configurations, and audio levels in every zone. “Come on out and see — and hear — Pig Beach BBQ,” says Quimby. “You’re going to love it!”


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Photo File 1: Pig-Beach_video-wall.jpg

Photo Caption 1: The 3 x 2 video wall behind the courtyard bar at Pig Beach BBQ is the highlight of the venue’s expansive Key Digital-enabled AV system


Photo File 2: Pig-Beach_rack.jpg

Photo Caption 2: Encoders, decoders, switchers and software from Key Digital control the feeds to nearly 50 video displays throughout Pig Beach BBQ


Photo File 3: Pig-Beach_bar.jpg

Photo Caption 3: Sources for nearly 50 video displays at Pig Beach BBQ can be easily and intuitively fed from 20+ sources via Key Digital hardware and the unifying Compass Control Pro™ iOS app.

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